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      • Are Drug, Liquor and Grocery Stores Open on Memorial Day 2015? Labor Day 2016: Who’s Open for Business Today?
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    2. What Stores Are Open and Closed on Labor Day 2016 - SavingAdvice.com Blog - Saving Advice Articles

      With Labor Day being such a big shopping holiday, it would be natural to assume that all major retailers will be open that day. But that's not the case. Some stores close on Labor Day to give their...


    3. Store Labor Day hours 2017: Is Walmart open?

      • Labor Day sales mean finding out if and when the best time to hit up stores like Walmart are open — if at all. Guess what, it’s Labor Day.
      • Walmart, per usual, will be open for regular business hours on Labor Day.


    4. Costco Labor Day Hours 2017: What Stores & Restaurants Are Open or Closed?

      • While most stores and restaurants are open for the Labor Day holiday, providing customers with discounts and big sales, Costco is reported as closed.
      • And, to get 25% percent off clearance or 20% off sale items or regular-priced items, use the promo code LABORDAY.


    5. Labor Day Sales: Major Retailers Open and Closed September 1, 2014 - SavingAdvice.com Blog - Saving Advice Articles

      • Many people assume that most stores are open on Labor Day due to the huge amount of Labor Day sales advertising.
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    6. Labor Day store hours 2016: Is Lowe's open?

      • Some stores will be offering their own special Labor Day sales, allowing customers to take advantage of savings and deals.
      • That begs the question of whether or not Lowes will be open on Labor Day 2016.


    7. Are Banks Open/Stores on Labor Day 2017?

      Labor Day is a holiday spent celebrating the accomplishments of the American workforce as a tribute to their hard sacrifices. While most spend the day celebrating with family and friends, but while you’re out there celebrating a trip to the bank may be necessary.


    8. Walmart Open Labor Day 2015? What Stores Are Open And Who Has The Best Labor Day Weekend Sales?

      • Is Walmart open on Labor Day and are other retail stores open during the holiday weekend?
      • Walmart, Target, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and all the popular “big box” stores will be open on Labor Day with sales running throughout the holiday weekend.


    9. Labor Day store hours 2016: Is Target open?

      • Will Target be open on Labor Day?
      • With Labor Day being a holiday, people may wonder if their favorite stores are still open. From grocery stores to hardware stores and even fast-food restaurants, knowing whether certain stores are open can save you a lot of trouble.


    10. Labor Day store hours 2016: Is Walmart open or closed?

      • Walmart will be open for normal hours on Labor Day, meaning you can celebrate the celebration of working by making other people do it instead. Most stores are going to be open on Labor Day, so this isn’t as bad as you might think.