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    1. Us bank account for non USA residents

      • Why do you want a US Bank Account? If you are selling using PayPal, E.Bay, 2Checkout, StormPay or any other common payment service, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your funds in your country Getting checks emailed to you can cost
      • "You need a Social Security Number."


    2. Social Security Alerts: Account Alerts | Discover | Social Security Number Alerts

      • Select an Account Credit Card Bank Account Student Loans Personal Loans Home Equity Loans.
      • We will alert you if we find your Social Security number on any of thousands of risky websites.1. New Account Alerts.


    3. How to Open a U.S.A. Bank Account for Non-Resident Foreigners Not Living in the United States and with No Social Security Number - MBA / College Finance Tutorials FREE

      • And then, when you need money, you can either (a) use your US bank account’s ATM card and withdraw money in local currency in your home
      • Many people find it difficult because many/most banks in the U.S. will require you to have 1) a U.S. address, 2) a U.S. Social Security number, and...


    4. Opening Bank acount in US - No Social Security Number - British Expats | Forum

      • I need a US bank account to have it paid into. Next week, I'll be house hunting in Boston-and wondered if I could open a US bank account in advance of my permanent move.
      • You don't need a social security number at all until you want some form of credit product from them.


    5. Where can I open online bank account without SSN?

      • Social security numbers are only for that purpose, for the businesses of the the Social Security Administration."
      • I believe you can open a bank account if you appear physically in the bank branch without an SSN but the SSN may be your single proof that you are a US Citizen (or Resident) then...


    6. Social Security Number and New Account Alerts | Discover Card

      • Banking.
      • If we find your Social Security number, we'll send you an alert and help you take action. We also monitor your Experian credit report and notify you whenever any new credit account is reported to your Experian credit file, even if it's not a Discover account.


    7. Secret To Get a Credit Card Without Social Security Number

      • Yes, it is possible for non-US citizens to get a card with no Social Security number!
      • Hi Can anyone advice me can I get a car financing without social security number, I m on business visa in usa and have bank account with debit card, Thanks Sami.


    8. Policy Manual | For dealing with people, customers and employees who do not use Social Security Numbers

      • Establishing trust with a banker when you have no social security number and no credit history will be difficult.
      • Federal regulations require that we obtain a social security number or tax identification number for many types of accounts, such as bank deposit accounts that pay interest.


    9. united states - In which circumstances can I open a bank account without SSN in the USA? - Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange

      • There's no SSN requirement to open a bank account in the US. It comes into play when banks use SSN as a means of identification, or when they're required to collect tax ids (for interest bearing accounts).
      • Open bank account at Charles Schwab without social security number?


    10. Joint Bank Account: Married(US citizen + Romanian citizen) - K-3 Spouse Visa Process & Procedures - VisaJourney | Forum

      • All we want is to open up a joint bank account with a USA bank with both our names on it. Here is the instructions: Line 6. If you are an individual, you are generally required to enter your social security number (SSN).