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    1. List of eponymous streets in New York City - Wikipedia

      This is a list of streets and squares in New York City named after a person, organized by borough. Allen Street – Captain William Henry Allen, the youngest person to command a Navy ship in the War of 1812. Ann Street – Ann White, wife of developer and merchant Capt. Thomas White.


    2. These Are The 10 Richest Cities In New York For 2019 - HomeSnacks

      • The richest places in New York share common characteristics such as having a genius level populous, sky high home prices, and a Pleasantville
      • How did we come up with these mega wealthy cities? We analyzed Census data from the 2013-2017 American Community Survey for the 167 places in New...


    3. NYC Street Names and Their Stories | New & Trending

      • The streets of New York City are famous around the globe. If you're a visitor, you've probably heard about them in countless books, movies and TV shows.
      • Wealthy landowner Nicholas Bayard III named the street; he ran it through property he owned at the time. William Houstoun was Bayard's...


    4. Here are the 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City | 6sqft

      • In 2016, the New York Metro Area was home to the highest number of “ultra-wealthy” residents in the world. A new report shows about 8,350 residents with a
      • The city breaks down data received by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey by looking along different data sets and mapping them.


    5. New York City - Wikipedia

      The City of New York, often called New York City (NYC) or simply New York (NY), is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2017 population of 8,622...


    6. Category:Streets in New York City - Wikipedia

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      • ► Road incident deaths in New York City‎ (13 P).


    7. Wall Street Architecture in New York City | Symbols of Wealth and Power in New York's Financial District

      • Explore the architecture of Wall Street in New York City.
      • The intersection of Wall Street and Broadway in New York City was called the "most expensive real estate in New York" when the Irving Trust Company commissioned Voorhees, Gmelin & Walker to build a 50-story Art Deco skyscraper.


    8. The richest neighborhoods in New York City - Curbed NY

      • Where do the wealthiest New Yorkers live?
      • So with that in mind, what are the richest neighborhoods in New York City?
      • But Tribeca/Soho is a change from our 2014 findings, though one that’s easily explained: an influx of pricey developments—residences like celeb magnet 155 Franklin Street, for...


    9. Most Beautiful Streets in New York City - Thrillist

      • ...so New York... which may be because the street and its surrounding neighborhood are featured in the greatest New York movie of all time, You've Got
      • Just four blocks south from rowdy 14th Street, this peaceful respite lets you escape everything you’ve ever complained about in New York City.


    10. Living & Working in New York City, New York | US News Best Places to Live

      • New York City has four distinct seasons. Every spring you'll see flowers growing in area parks, and every summer you'll see people enjoying the sun on
      • But those who opt to get around on foot need to pay attention when crossing the street. Traffic congestion is a major problem in New York City, and...