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    1. What are the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims?

      • Further, many Shia Muslims accept the belief in the Twelfth Imam who has already been born but is hidden and will play a major role with his return in the last days.
      • Interestingly, both Sunni and Shia Islam accept the Muslim teaching that Jesus is one of many prophets in Islam.



      • Dr. Dabashi goes on to argue that Shia Islam, historically, has been at its best when it has not been “politically successful.”
      • This belief is not what Jesus meant and it is certainly not Islamic. Both Shia and Sunni Hadith demonstrate that command that a Muslim bears responsibility to Allah first and the...


    3. When was Sohel Islam born

      • When did Shia born in Islam world?
      • Shia believes 12th of them (Mahdi) is alive and because people have killed all 11 Imams before him, he is in hide like Jesus and will come out of hide toghether with Jesus when people become ready and want to accept his leadership.


    4. Islam

      • Islam, page 2. Muslims into Sunni and Shia camps. Most accepted the leadership of all four Caliphs and became known as Sunni, meaning “the path.”
      • They believe that he was born of a virgin and is the Messiah.15 However, they do not believe Jesus was God incarnate or that he was the Son of...


    5. When was Jesus born? | Bibleinfo.com

      • Home » Bible Questions » When was Jesus born?
      • Jesus was born most likely around the end of September, in the Hebrew month of Tishri. Please note that the Bible gives no specific date of Jesus' birth.


    6. Sunni vs Shia - 15 Differences (with Video) | Diffen | Resurrection of Jesus

      • Likewise, both branches of Islam believe in Isa — Islam's name for Jesus — will return to the earth after having spent thousands of years in heaven with Allah and kill Islam's "antichrist"
      • Muhammad al-Mahdi was meant to be the twelfth imam in Shia Islam, but he disappeared when he was six years old.


    7. Who invented the Shia's sect? What is the origin of the Shi'ism (Shi3a)? This site is dedicated to answer those questions.

      • When Jews established a state in north of Iraq, Shia were the greater supporters to them.
      • So, why does he hide his Islam when Muslims became the majority and why he does not face the
      • (An-Nur 24:17). Ali vs. Jesus. Indeed, Christians and Shia are very similar as a way of thinking.


    8. When was Jesus Christ born?: Was Jesus born on December 25 - Christmas Day? | United Church of God

      • If Jesus Christ wasn’t born on December 25, does the Bible indicate when He was born?
      • American King James Version×), we can determine the approximate time of year Jesus was born if we know when John was born.


    9. shiaislamiclibrary.com/Viewer/Pdf.html?file=pdfs/EN2686.pdf

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      • The Shia and their Beliefs.


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