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    1. iPhone System taking up storage space - Apple Community

      • iphone “[email protected] taking too much space on ios 11.0.1 .. how to clear it ? what is the “system” space and “other space”.
      • Best way to clear unnecessary files from Other is to Restore your phone, but when you updated it to iOS 11, you already did that, so there’s little benefit to doing it again.


    2. Why iOS 8 download needs so much free space | Gadgets Now

      • Once the download is complete, your iOS device will start unpacking that compressed file. Your iDevice needs enough storage to both handle the compressed
      • Once the update is complete, obviously, iOS 7 and the compressed file of iOS 8 will disappear, thus freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad again.


    3. Here's Why iOS 8 Requires So Much Free Space To Download - Business Insider

      • System updates require more space than needed to complete.
      • Apple released iOS 8 to the public today, but users are a bit confused. The system update takes up about 1 GB of space, but iPhones and iPads require users have 4.6 GB of free space before they can download and install iOS 8.


    4. How Much Space Does iOS 12 Take Up?

      • Just as iOS 11 came with so many mind-blowing features, so is iOS 12.
      • Free Ways to Get Enough Space for Running iOS 12 Smoothly! iPhone is a storage hog, and because of the limitation on the use of external
      • If you must enjoy a stable iOS 12, then you need to optimize your iOS 12 storage space.


    5. Why does ios 6 need so much storage space? | Yahoo Answers

      Because it needs to: 1 - download the update 2 - extract the update 3 - create temporary files while doing the update. That is why it needs all of that space. Once that is all done then temp files are deleted and the extra space is available again.


    6. Not Enough Storage Space To Install iOS 8? | Why does iOS 8 need over 5GB to install?

      • So what can you do if you need storage space to install iOS 8?
      • The actual update itself isn’t more than 1.1GB. However, when you download the package, there are files to uncompress, those needed for the installation process and a backup of the existing operating system.


    7. Why does SVN take so much space? - Stack Overflow

      I am working on a large sized project that is about 1020 MB in size. This is because, apart from the code, we have other resources, like graphics, XML configurations, etc. in the version control.


    8. Why iOS Updates Require So Much Space

      • Every iOS update is a small deception. 117MB, well that's not so bad! Then you look at the fine print, and some a few gigabytes are required make to actually install the
      • However, your device also needs the requisite space to create temporary files while the update installs, in case something goes wrong.


    9. Can't Download iOS 8 - Business Insider | Learn More About Artificial Intelligence With This Exclusive Research Report

      • If iOS 8 is only about 1 GB, why do you need so much free space?
      • Finally, delete some of your bigger apps and download them again after you get the update. Apps like Facebook take up relatively little space, so concentrate on games and apps that store a lot of content, like podcast apps.


    10. No Photos On iPhone Still Showing 1.1 GB Space Used - YouTube

      • I don't have any photos on my iPhone but still Using 1.1 GB Space For Photos, but There Are No Photos On iPhone Photos.
      • Here is the fix for this problem comes on iOS 8, when iPhone introduced Recently Deleted Photos option there is a bug in this it actually do not delete photos by it self ...