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    1. "An error occurred during activation. Try again... | Official Apple Support Communities

      • Why can I not sign into imessage?
      • One additional simptom that I can report is the following: every time I send an imessage from my iphone messages on my on mac seems to loose the connection to my account as it asks me again to login.


    2. How do I send text messages to non-iPhone owners using the iMessage app on a Mac or the Messages app on an iPad? - Ask Different

      • You might try signing out and then back into iMessage on your iPhone 5 (not the iPhone 6). – RedEagle2000 Jul 31 '15 at 0:47.
      • Why is privacy a subject felt more in Europe rather than the US? How to balance a "murder hobo" party with fair punishment. Please help me identify this insect (found...


    3. iMessage "Waiting for Activation" Error on iPhone [How to Fix]

      • Same for me – imessage AND facetime both still say waiting for activation BUT I got a message on my laptop saying that my iphone had signed into imessage and another one saying my iphone had signed into facetime AND my phone number turned from grey to black in the ‘send and receive’ list...


    4. Why can't I sign into iMessage on an iPod 5 and an iPod 4 using the same Apple ID? - Quora | This guide might help solve your problem: How to Set up iMessage On Multiple Devices Correctly

      • I fixed her old iPhone 6 and have the passcode but not the Apple ID credentials? What can I...
      • How can I make an Apple ID one word? What happens to my iPod if I sign out of my Apple ID and create a new one? Where can I buy Ipods in bulk except Apple?


    5. Why can I no longer receive iMessages on my iPhone? - iOS ipad | Ask MetaFilter

      • As of yesterday I no longer receive iMessages on my iPhone. I get them on my ipad and Mac, however.
      • I've tried rebooting the phone, logging out of iMessage and signing back in, but nothing works. I can send messages too.


    6. How to Activate iMessage: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

      • Steps. Method 1. Activating iMessages on an iPhone.
      • If you are prompted to sign into your Apple ID, simply input your username and password into the pop up.
      • Why do I still see "iMessage is waiting for activation" when I try to send a message?


    7. My UK O2-operated iPhone 5 falls into this

      • Text messages on the iPhone are grouped into conversations, but what do you when you want to To delete an entire iPhone SMS conversation, tap the Messages app (it's on your home screen, Why Won't My iPhone Screen
      • Delete SMS text message & iMessages on your iPhone 6/5S/5C/5.


    8. How to Disable iMessage on the iPhone Completely

      • We’ll go a bit more in-depth about some of the common reasons why you’d want to turn off the universally loved service below, but first let’s show how to disable iMessage on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in iOS.


    9. Can I send an iMessage to a iPad user from my iPhone? - Ask Different

      • How does an iPhone send iMessages to iPad: Make sure iMessage is set "on" on both devices. On your iPhone, go to Contacts and find your friend's
      • I had to turn on "MMS Messaging" in Settings > Messages. This enabled the @ sign on the keyboard for me. See: I have no idea why this affects it.


    10. Why can\'t i sign into my apple id on my ipad

      • It won't let me sign into the App Store or my iMessage, and it's driving me nuts.
      • A: You should be able to open the iTunes Store app (I admit I'm thinking of iPhone here). why my phone cant connect to itunes ? the first im sign out apple id then when Sep 19, 2013 Trying to use an Apple ID with an...