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    2. Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S - O2 Community

      • Apparently the latest firmware fixed iPhone 4 though, just not 4s. Do O2 staff get briefed then at all? Why didn't the first two know of these issues?
      • Solutions: 2,949. Registered: ‎04-01-2009. Re: Can't send picture messages on IPhone 4S. [ Edited ]. Options.


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      • Why won’t my iPhone 5 send picture messages anymore?”


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      • My husband and I both bought the new iphone 4 and neither of us are able to send pictures in a text message. It says error and gives the option to try again, but never works. Any suggestions as to why this may be?


    7. Why can't you get picture messages on your phone

      • iPhone indeed supports sending pictures via MMS or iMessages. IfyouriPhone won't send pictures in text, my guess is you don't haveMMS enabled on your phone.
      • Why can't i send picture messages from text plus and receive them?


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    9. sending picture messages - O2 Community | Apple iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

      • I can send text, access the internet and make calls but can't send picture messages. Even if someone could let me know how I can call O2 and speak to an operator that would be appreciated, thanks.


    10. can't send picture messaging on galaxy Y, anyone e... - O2 Community

      • > Get Help With Your Mobile Device. > Android. > can't send picture messaging on galaxy Y, anyone e... Get the My O2 app.
      • Currently using: Xperia Z5 Dual (O2 & Sfr) and Z3 Tablet (Three UK) iPhone7 (EE). nil desperandum.