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    1. How to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone | iMore

      • On an iPhone 5s WiFi calling is also available but will not transfer from WiFi to cell and will drop.
      • T-Mobile has made it so that Wifi calling can be available on all devices, even Watch without being paired to an iPhone. Sent from the iMore App.


    2. Why doesn't Wi-Fi calling work on the iPhone 5? | iMore

      • That included iPhone 5 owners on T-Mobile who hoped to use Wi-Fi calling, only to find out their phones aren't supported.
      • why would you spend money on a cell plan to make wifi calling. iPod touch can call people with FaceTime audio and voip apps. wifi calling for call plans is for suckers.


    3. Solved: WIFI Calling Not Enabled on iPhone 5 - The EE Community

      • Solved: Why have EE not rolled out EE WIFI Calling to iPhone 5? What specific piece of technology is absent in the handset to achieve this?
      • My EE app and website. Pay monthly.


    4. Make a call with Wi-Fi Calling - Apple Support | Place Wi-Fi calls from your iPhone

      • To use Wi-Fi Calling, you need an iPhone 5c or later on a supported carrier. Place Wi-Fi calls from your iPhone.
      • You can also place a call by tapping a phone number in Contacts, Mail, Messages, Safari, and other apps. Call from your Apple Watch.


    5. Top 5 apps for WiFi Calling in 2013

      • With Wi-Fi calling you can stay in touch by making cheap phone calls without running up a hefty bill. Out there on the market are a bunch of services that offer convenience and keep costs down. So here is a breakdown of some of the best apps around, offering great functionality on iPhone, Android, and...


    6. Solved: Wifi calling on iPhone 5S - AT&T Community

      • Why is it that Tmobile can support wifi calling on iPhone 5C and 5S but AT&T only supports it on iPhone 6 and newer? I can guess the obvious answer but I'm wondering about the technical one. Not happy.


    7. How to Turn on Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 8 on iPhone

      • Where it differs from VoIP (other than the core technical stuff) is that Wi-Fi calling doesn't involve any extra app, accounts or most importantly – expenditure. All it needs is a Wi-Fi connection, an iPhone running iOS 8 and a carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling.


    8. Free WiFi Calling App On iPhone And Android Cell Phone

      • If your like on your iPhone iOS or Android Cell Phone for free WiFi Calling on this guide, will show your the best app and how work EE Wi-Fi Call mobile company and other carrier networks in the world.


    9. Free WiFi Calling with Android? Easy! | Make WiFi Calls with Android and an App

      • This app allows you to make WiFi calls with your Android to any device.
      • You don’t have to have an iPhone to keep in touch. Free Wi-Fi calling with Android is simple, as long as you have a well-designed application that works as advertised!


    10. How to set up WiFi Calling on your iPhone | Help | EE

      • 2. Switch WiFi Calling on and off. Tap Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls on your iPhone.
      • Should you wish to turn WiFi Calling off at any point, simply toggle Allow Wi-Fi Calls to the off position.