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    1. Email Signature Etiquette: Examples of Good and Bad | OfficeTeam

      • Email Signature Etiquette: The Good, the Bad and the Unnecessary.
      • Especially unwanted are super long quotes and political or religious quotes — which some may take offense to — if you don’t work for such an organization.


    2. Quotes-Add famous quotes to your email signature

      • Popular Quotes. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde.
      • More Email Signatures Designs. Create your signature.


    3. Best And Worst Email Signatures - business.com | Inspirational Quotes

      • Leave a Good Impression: Best and Worst Email Signatures of All Time.
      • If Your Email Signature Looks Like This, You’re Doing It Wrong. Inspirational Quotes. This is your professional email, not your high school yearbook.


    4. 11 of the Most Obnoxious Email Signatures Ever

      • Earlier this month I asked you guys for the worst email sign-offs you'd ever seen. Well, well, well, did you ever deliver.
      • Nearly every single one of them have some odd juxtaposition of quotes in their email signature like "Be the change you want to see in the world" just above "May you stay forever...


    5. Is adding a quote to your email signature a bad idea? - Quora

      • Is it a bad idea to send email campaign from public domain? Why do we put a dash and two dots in our signatures?
      • How do I write a good follow up email from a quote? Should I put MBA on my email signature line, or is that being pompous?


    6. 9 Professional Email Signature Examples (& Why They Work) - Yesware Blog

      • A strong email signature is attention-getting, but professional. It’s not flashy, but it’s not bland either. Know when your subject lines catch their attention [Free email tracking trial]. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best email signature examples...


    7. Email Signatures | Terminally Incoherent | Long Quotations

      • What annoys you in the email signatures of your peers and colleagues? [tags]email signatures, email, signature, sig, quote, tagline[/tags].
      • I really hate those quotes and flashy html signatures… It’s even worse when the content of the e-mail is some sort of “cute ppt” crap.


    8. What’s the Most Obnoxious Way to Sign Emails?

      • What's the worst email signoff you've ever seen? I don't know how to sign my emails. When I'm writing to friends, I usually
      • That is awful. But my most hated email sign-off isn't even a default signature. It's not even when people add some trite inspiration quote they misattribute to Marilyn Monroe!


    9. 9 Professional Email Signature Tips—With Best Template Examples

      • At the worst, a quote could offend or annoy your reader—causing you to lose business. 9 Email Signature Tips (With Examples). Today’s professional email signatures make a statement about you and your business.


    10. How To Not Piss Off The World With Your Email Signature

      • No one has even been impressed by a quote embedded in an email signature.
      • And, even worse, its sister signature ... "Sent from [pithy modification to the Sent from My iPhone message]" Sent from your iBone?